KushyPunch is one of the most iconic cannabis brands, and the top-selling gummy in CA is now in Michigan. Our locally sourced full spectrum oil, our science-forward approach and lush full body high has made us an all time favorite. KushyPunch’s high potency, low calorie fruit gummies use a cannabinoid-rich full-spectrum oil to give you an award-winning, knock-out punch.

Packwoods was founded in Los Angeles and is available in several states where recreational cannabis is legal, including Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Washington. Our iconic product line features the infused blunts, pre-roll joints and cigarillos and live resin vapes.

Each strain deemed worthy enough to find its way into an 8th pouch has been meticulously pheno-hunted and hand-selected by Rick himself. All flower is grown indoors in a “Class C” facility, using pesticide-free methods. This means every batch of flower you buy is not only guaranteed to be potent, but pure.

We take the quality of our vaping hardware just as seriously as the quality of our distillate and terpene profiles. Our process starts with our highly experienced procurement team who works directly with licensed cultivators in each state we operate in developing and sourcing only the finest flower and biomass from their award-winning genetics.

Using only the best quality flower and finding people that truly believe in the same cause, Concentrate Company came in to set a standard. Concentrate Company is known for its beautiful gold hue, sugary consistencies and the amazing aroma it gives off. Every strain has its own pungent smell, whether it’s more earthy and piney, or fruity and sweet, we have it all.

Refining & Improving From top to bottom, inside and out, Strain Kings ensures consistency. Growing at a scale that can be maintained in smaller craft batches, we strive for supreme quality. Our mission is to cultivate clean, safe cannabis for the community. Our cannabis is third-party lab tested to ensure quality. You can smell, taste, and feel the Strain Kings difference.

Neno’s Naturals is a health and wellness brand utilizing natural ingredients derived from cannabis and sourced from local farmers, creating beneficial relationships with partners we trust and supporting our communities. With a mission to educate consumers new and old about cannabis and research and development, Neno’s Naturals invites you to join us on our journey of connecting cannabis users of all levels of experience.

Pure & Potent Using only the best quality flower, Concentrate Kings came in to set a standard. Concentrate Kings is known for its beautiful gold hue, sugary consistencies, and the amazing aroma it gives off. We use cutting edge technology to ensure the quality and purity of every strain in our final products. Every concentrate is third-party lab tested.

Potency, Purity, and Natural Flavor Terpene Tanks offers THC vape cartridges that celebrate the perfect combination of flavor and potency after years of research and development. With over 20 different varieties of strains and flavors to choose from, spread between Indicas, Hybrids, and Sativas, each cartridge is third-party lab tested. We do not use harsh flavoring; only natural plant-derived terpenes and pure THC distillate

Heavy Weight Heads offers premium top shelf flower, concentrates and edibles. Available at all Exclusive MI locations. Heavy Weight heads is know for their high potency strains including; Gorilla Snacks, Sunshine #4, Tropicana Cookies and more.

Maximum Flavor Paired with Maximum Vapor Powered by Terp Temp Technology, the MAXX is incomparable. Sleek, stylish, and designed with flavor in mind, the MAXX offers a unique vaping experience. With an inhale activation start, preheat setting, and three-temperature setting, it’s the easiest way to vape cannabis. Combine your vape with Terpene Tanks pods for the best experience.

Poof! It’s like magic! These edibles not only taste good, but they are highly potent! Using only the highest quality oil to create these edibles, Magic Edibles are made in small batches to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout each edible for potency. These edibles are sure to stimulate your senses. We offer chocolates, tinctures, capsules, gummies, and more..

Kushy CBD is an award-winning CBD brand based in Southern California. Created and tested in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest quality broad spectrum oil. Our products are THC free, USA grown and quality tested to deliver the highest quality CBD products available.

Superfire offers the most potent cannabis available with infused options including pre-rolls, gummies, and cannabis vapes. Experience the true Superfire!